Mountain Rentals of Gatlinburg Company Policies


Mountain Rentals of Gatlinburg Inc. office is located - 209 Cartertown Road, Gatlinburg, TN 37738, USA.
Office hours:
Mon: 9AM - 5PM
Tue: 9AM - 2PM
Wed-Sun: 9AM - 5PM

Office closed: - No Arrivals or Departures On: Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Day, New Year's Eve and Day, No Check-Ins or Check-Outs on these days.
24/7 easy and secure online booking process: - Mountain Rentals of Gatlinburg, Inc. OFFICIAL website - make your online reservation with confidence!
Call Reservations: Toll FREE: 1-866-482-1044 | Local: (865) 436-9274 All vacation rentals are privately owned and their prices are subject to change. We reserve the right to set minimum night stay requirements for certain times and minimum occupancy requirements for certain vacation rentals. You must be married or 25 years of age unless accompanied by an adult or parent. No un-chaperoned groups. We do not refund for NO SHOWS. ALL RESERVATIONS REQUIRE A VALID CREDIT CARD ON FILE OR A $200.00 SECURITY DEPOSIT.


Booking 30 or more days prior to arrival date (booking in advance) Booking within 30 days (last minute bookings)
Credit Card Payment You will be charged an initial payment in the amount of $250 Full Balance will be charged on the date of booking
Check & M/O Payment Initial payment MUST BE received within 10 days of booking Payment in Full is due via cashiers/certified check or money order; $25.00 return check fee
Please NOTE If initial payment payment is not received within 10 days, your reservation is automatically cancelled Please mail overnight all payments to: Mountain Rentals of Gatlinburg P.O. Box 790 Gatlinburg, TN 37738

Your Full Balance is due 30 days prior to your arrival date, including: 12.75% Local Taxes (State Sales Tax 9.75% and County Lodging Tax 3% ); $99.00 Reservation Service Fee (Non-Refundable) - it is a Processing Fee as well as a Replacement Fee for Unintentional Damages up to $1500, reported to our office prior to Check-Out; 8% of the Total Travel Protection Plan (Optional) If declining, FEE will be MANUALLY deducted from Total after reservation is made.
Please indicate the # of Dogs & Type: $60.00 Pet Fee per 1 Dog (max 50 lbs), per 7 day stays (Non-Refundable) – max. 2 dogs allowed in dog-friendly vacation rentals.
All checks are deposited in agent's interest bearing account with interest paid to Agent until disbursement. Advanced funds may be distributed prior to the guest's stay. When making your remittance, by check or money order, please be sure that the name the reservation is under can be found on your check/money order, along with the confirmation number and dates of stay. If paying solely by check or money order, upon arrival you must have a Valid Credit Card on file or a Security Deposit of $200.00 payable by cash or money order that is refunded 10-14 days after your departure. Please Call FREE 1-866-482-1044 to pay or place a valid Credit Card on file for Security Purposes.

Trip Cancellation / Interruption Protection Policy

For your convenience, and protection, we will add the cost of a Travel Protection Plan covering the amount of your rent in the event you must cancel your trip within 30 days of your arrival. Details of the plan will be sent with your written confirmation. Travel Protection Plan is optional - If declining, FEE will be MANUALLY deducted from Total after reservation is made. Unless you are paid in full, and have a zero balance, the premium for the Travel Protection has not been paid; therefore you are not covered under the policy. Travel Protection Plan does not cover cancellations to take advantage of specials or discounts. Learn more:


Cancel your Trip to 30 or more days prior of arrival Cancel your Trip within 30 days of arrival
Cancellation w/Travel Protection (8% of the Total) $75.00 Fee (plus tax) Full Refund w/ Documentation (minus the cost of Travel Protection)
Cancellation without Travel Protection $75.00 Fee (plus tax) if re-rented - $75.00 Fee (plus tax) if not re-rented - no refund
Please NOTE Processing in accordance with Travel Protection claim procedure Property must be re-rented for the entire period and prepayment has cleared

We have a 30 day Cancellation Policy. There are no cancellations, switching of homes or changing of dates within 30 days of your arrival date.
After paying your $250 initial payment, any switching of homes, changing of dates, or the canceling of the reservation prior to your 30 days of arrival will invoke a $75.00 plus tax Fee. If you must cancel your reservation within 30 days of your arrival, and haven't purchased Trip/Cancellation/Interruption Protection Policy, we cannot refund your advance payment unless the rental is re-rented for the entire period and prepayment has cleared. If the unit is re-rented for the entire period and pre-payment has cleared, you will only be charged a $75.00 plus tax Fee. The guest named on the rental agreement is the only one that may cancel the reservation.
Mountain roads can be tough at anytime. We do not guarantee any road surface conditions. Most roads are well maintained but are curvy and steep. Some units may have gravel drives or roads. Maintenance of these roads is fairly efficient but they may be bumpy at times. Passenger vans, motorcycles, and trailers may not be able to access every home. In the late fall-winter-early spring it is common to have hazardous road conditions. It is strongly recommended that all guests have four wheel-drive and/or chains. Winter road conditions and maintenance are not guaranteed. You are responsible for transportation. We cannot provide any transportation for guests. Please remember you will be staying in the mountains, if you have problems with elevations, inquire about properties that may not be high up. We do not refund due to road conditions or the location of the properties on the mountains

Leaseholder Responsibilities

Many of you will vacation with other couples, other family members or friends, but only one signs the lease. We will hold the leaseholder responsible for payment and other facets of the leaseholder responsibilities spelled out in the lease. If the leaseholder is not the credit card holder, then documents from the card holder must be completed before check-in is allowed. The card holder must sign the credit card receipts, an authorization form giving permission for the card to be charged, and copies of the credit card front and back, with a copy of their driver’s license. Please inform us if cardholder will not be checking in.


The occupancy of each rental unit is designated on the individual confirmation descriptions. This number, as it appears on your confirmation lease, is the MAXIMUM total occupancy. Children are counted in total occupancy unless they are under age two. Over-occupancy is considered a SERIOUS VIOLATION of your lease and you will be asked to leave. No refund will be given. Any guest having house parties, found with non-paying overnight guests, disturbing neighbors with loud unnecessary behavior or found with an unauthorized pet will be evicted with no refund and/or prosecuted. Home Owners reserve the right to set a minimum occupancy.


Check-In for our guests is after 3:00 PM. With the size and complexity of our homes, our housekeepers need every minute after Check-Out to ensure the cleanliness of your vacation rental. We make every effort to ensure all homes are clean and ready for occupancy after 3PM. However, during Holidays and Peak Season, Check-Ins could be as late as 5 p.m. Do not plan on buying groceries before check-in. We cannot let you in early nor can we provide refrigeration facilities. Please schedule your arrival to coincide with our check-in time. Compensation will not be given for a late check-in time.

Keyless Entry – Express Check-In

We are pleased to offer Express Check-In. Some of our properties are installed with keyless locks, therefore making your Check-In process easier and faster. This will allow you to go to your rental without coming to the office. In order to make this happen there are several things you must do. Your reservation must be paid in full. We will fax or email your Check in Card and Credit Card Receipts to be signed (digital or electronic signatures are not accepted). We also ask that you copy your credit card front and back and also copy your driver’s license. Then fax or email all signed documents and the copies you have made to our office. We will then fax or email a map to your rental, along with the keyless code. The code will not be effective until 3pm, on the day of your arrival and lasts until 11am on the day of your departure. You must call from the house phone upon arrival and departure. Upon Arrival call (888) 506-3182 and PRESS 1. Upon Departure call (888) 506-3182 and PRESS 2.
Please note: Reservations made 1 day prior/ or the day of your arrival are not eligible for Express Check In and must arrive at our office during business hours. You must present a photo ID along with the Credit Card used when booking the reservation. If you do not have your ID or Credit Card or your arrival is not during office business hours, you will not be allowed to check in. Please call our office for arrival options. Thank You. Management.


All good things must unfortunately end! NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN FOR EARLY DEPARTURES. Check-out is promptly at 11AM, NO EXCEPTIONS. You will be charged $60.00 if you are not out of the property at 11AM. Before you leave, read and follow the check-out procedures given to you at check-in, if these procedures are not followed you will be charged $75.00. It is very important to ensure all doors and windows to the home are locked. Upon Departure call (888) 506-3182 and PRESS 2. Do not forget to pre-reserve, and have a safe trip home. See you next year! NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN FOR EARLY DEPARTURES!

Following Year Reservations

If you would like to reserve the same vacation rental for the same week the following year please stop by our office during your stay, or at check-out. If you are undecided, we can hold the rental for 10 days, if we have not heard from you in 10 days the reservation will be cancelled and the rental will be open for availability.

Pet Policy

Some of our Property Owners have decided to allow DOGS ONLY (max. 50 lbs.) in their beautiful mountain homes. Please remember that our properties are individually owned and not all of our homes are Dog Friendly. Mountain Rentals of Gatlinburg MUST be notified PRIOR to check-in that a dog will be in the home. Any guest found with a Dog in a Non-Dog Friendly home or if your dog weighs more than 50 pounds, you will be evicted immediately and NO REFUND given. Absolutely no animals allowed other than Dogs up to 25 pounds with the maximum being two per vacation rental.
Please indicate the # of Dogs & Type; $60.00 Pet Fee per 50 lbs. dog, per 7 day stays (Non-Refundable). This is NOT a Damage Deposit. At check-in, an authorization of an additional $100.00 will be put on your credit card. The authorization will be released by your bank approximately 10 to 14 days from your departure. However, if a guest has a dog that has long hair or sheds excessively, or if any pets leave behind any surprises, fleas or damages to property, the $100.00 authorization would be charged. In the event that any guest is found violating the rules, you will be evicted immediately with NO REFUNDS.
As you know, a Pet friendly mountain home is a rarity so please abide by the rules. We ask that all of our guests be considerate of the next guest that will be enjoying the home after you. Please make sure that bathing and flea dipping are done prior to your stay. Please do NOT leave your Dog at the home alone unless the Dog is kept in a kennel. The City of Gatlinburg does have a leash law.


Mountain Rentals of Gatlinburg represents the finest maintained homes in the mountains. All of our homes are individually owned and reflect the tastes of each owner. Every effort has been made to assure our descriptions are accurate; however, we cannot be held responsible for changes made by owners in furnishings and equipment. Mountain Rentals of Gatlinburg homes are very well-maintained and clean, but understand that these are complicated homes and, just like your own, experience a wide variety of unexpected breakdowns. From time to time, we have trouble with utilities (electric, water, cable, etc.), that are beyond our control. We will do what we can to get utility companies to respond quickly and they are usually very responsive to our needs. Every effort will be made to remedy 'unpleasing' situations, and to correct any problems you may experience in as timely a manner as possible. You can expect a courteous and professional attitude to problem solving; however, recompense will not be issued due to malfunctioning equipment, or utility problems.

As we previously stated, our rentals are privately owned and there may be an occasion where a home owner may choose to leave our program or the home may be sold. In that instance, we will make every effort to accommodate you in a comparable home. If we cannot accommodate you then a full refund will be given.

Some items to bring that we do not furnish and that may make your stay more enjoyable

Standard Amenities:
blender, toaster; microwave; dishwasher w/3 dish packs; coffemaker w/ 3 packs coffee & filters;
silverware, washcloths, cooking utensils, plates, bowls, cups, cooking pots & pans, can opener;
1 bottle liquid dish soap; iron w/ironing board; bathmats; bath towels; sheets w/bed linens; 1 bath bar / 1 sink bar per bath; 1 paper towels roll; 2 toilet paper rolls per bath;
wood - for units w/wood-burning fireplaces (September 15 - April 15)

Items to Bring:
for units w/Hot Tub - beach towel
for units w/Wood-Burning Fireplaces - kindling/starter logs, matches & paper
for units w/Washer/Dryer - laundry detergent
for units w/charcoal grills - charcoal and lighter fluid
food (salt, pepper); alarm clock; flashlight; plastic wraps; aluminum foil; shampoo; corkscrew/wine opener
camera for memory pictures, good mood & smile

Specialty Items may not be available:
hair dryer; large cooking pots; cast iron skillet


We pride ourselves on our Maintenance Staff. Regular maintenance is performed on all properties, and every effort is made to keep all equipment in working order. However, as with any home, malfunctions may occur. If something is not working, please notify the office immediately. They are here to help you and provide timely service.
Please respect that emergencies take precedence!
For Emergency situations, call: (865) 277-2864 and leave your message on our voicemail and we will respond ASAP.
For Non-Emergency situations, call: (865) 277-2863 and leave your message on our voicemail and we will schedule your request. Any problems must be addressed prior to check out

Pools & Hot Tubs

Hot tubs are cleaned, serviced and sanitized between guests on turnover day. There is certain health risks associated with using the hot tub. Pregnant women, guests with heart conditions, high blood pressure, diabetes and children should not use the hot tub. Please shower prior to getting into the hot tub, bacteria on your body can result with bacteria in the hot tub. Also, some body lotions, perfumes, etc. mixed with the chemicals could cause a rash. Do not wear jewelry or clothes in the hot tub, wear bathing suits. Please shower after getting out of the hot tub. If you are staying a week or longer and want an additional midweek clean, we'll be happy to arrange it for you. Upon departure, if any foreign items such as food, alcohol, beer cans, bath products, etc. are found in the hot tub you will be charged $100.00 Cleaning Fee. We do not refund for malfunctioning hot tubs. We cannot be responsible for the opening and closing of SUBDIVISION POOLS. These dates are made by the individual subdivision.


Gas and Wood fireplaces are seasonal. They operate from Sept. 15 to April 15 Only.

Telephones & Internet Service

All Mountain Rentals of Gatlinburg homes are equipped with telephones for your convenience and safety. The phone number to your rental home appears on your lease under the heading 'unit phone #'. Some homes have blocks for direct long distance calls. Bring your calling card or credit card. We do have properties that offer Unlimited Long Distance, High Speed Internet and Wireless Internet. Please refer to the property’s listing on our website or brochure to check if the rental you want offers these Free services.


Our Housekeeping Department’s goal is to provide you with the cleanest accommodations and will do everything to make sure your rental is ready for your stay. Please call (865) 436-9274 immediately if the home is not cleaned to your satisfaction upon check-in. Our housekeeping department will correct the problem in a timely and professional manner. We cannot be held accountable for problems we are not aware of. Problems will not be addressed at check-out or after you arrive back home. We will be glad to schedule a mid-stay cleaning for all reservations two weeks or longer.

Lost and Found

We make every effort to locate and return lost items, but will not be responsible for things you lost that we don't find! When you leave something behind, call (865) 277-2861 or e-mail: and we will return it C.O.D. if we find it!
Lost and found items unclaimed after 30 days are turned over to local charities.

Insects & Wildlife

Each property is professionally treated regularly by a licensed Pest Control company. Please understand you are in the Great Smoky Mountains, and you may occasionally have “uninvited guests”. Refunds will not be given for visits from these ‘uninvited guests”.

Mail and Messages

We attempt to call individuals receiving mail or phone calls. However, since people spend so much time out of the home, it is your responsibility to check daily for any correspondence. Please be sure to have your name and your Mountain Rentals of Gatlinburg house name on anything you might receive.
Our delivery address is: 209 Cartertown Road, Gatlinburg, TN 37738.


Gatlinburg is a growing area with much construction. Should you find yourself near construction, please be patient and understanding. We'll do our best to talk to contractors, but no refunds or moves will be made. At the time of booking your reservation, there may have not been any construction in that area.

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