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Mountain Rentals of Gatlinburg has been in operation since 1985. Our value system and progressive nature has allowed us to continue to be successful in this competitive market. We take pride in our ability to handle your investment personally and professionally. Mountain Rentals of Gatlinburg realizes it is our responsibility to direct the passion you have for your investment into a business format. This is why we provide realistic rental numbers, fee structures, property comparisons and constructive suggestions to help you meet market demands. We realize the only way to grow business is to continue to move beyond what we have always done – looking to the future to bring new innovations to better our company, guest experience and your investment.

Owner benefits make the Difference


Housekeeping Services are provided by Mountain Rentals of Gatlinburg. We utilize an onsite laundry, so your items are cared for and properties are not only cleaned, but they are re-inspected to insure our standards are met.

In-House Maintenance

Our Maintenance Department is on call 24/7 so if there is an emergency at your home it is attended to immediately, so a small problem doesn’t turn into a large one. Guests are taken care of and are more likely to remain in your home rather than move which costs you income.
Items such as A/C units, water pipes and other costly repairs can often be handled by our personnel and do not require an outside contractor. Our Maintenance Department can make these repairs at a fraction of the cost charged by outside contractors.

Keyless Entries

KABA Locks are state of the art keyless entry systems that provide easy access for guests and protection for our owners. These locks record the date, time and codes that are entered into the lock allowing us to perform an audit to see who gained access to your home. No longer do you have to worry about keys floating around and copies being made. The best part is you can control contractor entry: the code can be valid for 3 hours or 3 days. These locks are purchased, maintained and installed by Mountain Rentals of Gatlinburg at no charge to you.

New Software

Mountain Rentals of Gatlinburg has purchased new software so we can continue to progress our industry and the lodging industry as a whole. This software allows for flexible rates and a multitude of Owner benefits. Have you ever wondered what is really happening at your property? You can login to our owner system and view your work orders in real time, create work orders for your property, comment on existing items, view reservations for the year, view your statements and more.

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Trust Accounting Practices

The new software has a strict Trust Accounting base so you know that our accounting processes are always sound. Our books are reviewed by our in-house bookkeeper and a CPA that has an extensive background in the Vacation Rental Management industry.


Mountain Rentals of Gatlinburg has in-house IT personnel that maintain our systems in order to avoid any downtime on our website, so our guests have access 24/7. The speed of our site is constantly monitored, servers are upgraded and we stay on the cutting edge of technology. Our webmaster is also in-house so our search engine optimization is monitored on a daily basis, changes are made to your properties in a timely manner and the site is constantly evolving to meet our guest’s expectations. Having these advantages allows Mountain Rentals of Gatlinburg to deliver your properties to the maximum number of potential clients and improve your rentals.

Owner documents

Empty contract form, deep cleen guide and schedule of maintenance fees are availble in PDF format on our downloads page.

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