Mountain Rentals of Gatlinburg Rewards Program

What are Guest Appreciation Points - MRG Points?

Guest Appreciation Points - MRG Points are Mountain Rentals of Gatlinburg’s way of showing our appreciation for your loyalty and referrals. You earn MRG Points for every reservation made online at or by phone. Once you accumulate enough Guest Appreciation Points, you can redeem them online or by phone for a stay in your favorite vacation rental. The more points you have, the more nights you earn.

How can I spend them?

You can "spend" or redeem Guest Appreciation Points quickly and easily when you shop online. Simply » Sign-In and shop as you would normally. When you are logged into your account, use the link on the top of any page My Account, to check your balance and see what rewards you qualify for as well as access other account settings. Call our reservations line to redeem your points. Call today: (877) 563-9761
NOTE: 3 night minimum required to redeem Guest Appreciation Points. Value of free nights will be comparable to previous stays. Management reserves all rights. Rewards apply to all reservations. Cannot be combined with any other discounts. Some Holidays, Special Events and Black-out dates may apply. Free nights will be applied to the nights with the lowest daily rate upon booking.

Keeping track:

Your Guest Appreciation Points page is always easily accessible - simply use the link on the top of any page Customer sign in. You’ll see your balance based on the last reservation you’ve made. Please be aware that balance will be credited once your reservation has been confirmed. Each time you redeem your Guest Appreciation Points we will subtract the points from your account instantly.

What if I change my mind after making an order with MRG Points?

If you change your mind about using your MRG Points award before you placed a reservation, don't worry, your Guest Appreciation Points are still in your account. However, once you've made a reservation using MRG Points, we cannot credit your Guest Appreciation Points account. Sorry, we cannot refund the points you spent.

What if I make a reservation without using MRG Points and decide to cancel it? What happens to the points I earned?

When you make a cancellation, you’ll lose the Guest Appreciation Points for this reservation.

They're just for you:

Sorry – Guest Appreciation Points are non-transferable. You and you alone, can spend them. But, of course, you can use them to buy a gift for someone else!

How Do I Earn MRG Points?

You earn points for every night purchased or when the person you referred has entered your Account Number. The MRG Points system is accessible through your online account for reservations made with Mountain Rentals of Gatlinburg. Your Customer Account will automatically be updated with Guest Appreciation Points each time you stay or refer a friend. After you have accumulated 120 points on your account you will receive 2 lodging nights FREE!

Do I have points already?

Great news! customers have been accumulating Guest Appreciation Points with each reservation made online since March 09, 2007. System Update: All reservations made from September 16th, 2010 qualify for point’s credit.

The past is past:

Remember, all reservations made at before Guest Appreciation Points were introduced do not qualify for point’s credit.
All reservations made by phone before September 16th, 2010 do not qualify for point’s credit.

The fine print:

Guest Appreciation Points aren't currency and have no actual cash value., Mountain Rentals of Gatlinburg Ltc. reserves the right to change the structure of the program or to discontinue it at any time. Program abuses or fraud will involve suspension of a shopper's right to participate in the program. Guest Appreciation Points cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts. Some Vacation Rentals may choose not to participate in the Guest Appreciation Points program; those homes choosing to do so will not earn points for referrals or lodging nights.

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