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It may be the rising mist of an early morning or a low flung cloud that has been gently snagged by a blue-green peak. This merger of cloud and mountain top gives the Smokies their name. Radiantly beautiful from early spring through the breath-taking fall season, the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee have drawn people for centuries. Now a year-round appreciation of the area has been nourished by the addition of snow skiing and winter sports along with the biggest and brightest Christmas celebration in the country!

Gatlinburg Weather in Summer:   June: 84º, 71º; July: 86º, 75º; August: 86º, 74º

School's out and summer's here! Summer vacation travel to Gatlinburg and the Smokies is a new experience for some couples and families, but to most it's an every-year pilgrimage! There's just something especially inviting for each member of the family, and collectively for the entire family as well. For the sports enthusiast, there's hiking, fly fishing, cycling, whitewater rafting, horseback riding, just to name a few. And don't forget the picnic basket! Grab an inner tube and ask a local about their favorite swimmin' holes in those sparkling mountain streams, or just dangle your feet from a streamside stone… even on the warmest summer days, the water's cold! Entertainment parks and attractions provide days and nights of laughter and excitement as well, and numerous of them are indoor activities, just in case you get caught in one of those cooling summer showers. Shops and the crafts community offer extended operating hours, just so you'll have time to get it all in. Summer events include the nation's first Independence Day Parade at the stroke of midnight, a huge Craftsmen's Fair at the Convention Center in July, and Heritage on Display in the Arts & Crafts Community in late August. Quieter periods during summer are the first two weeks of June and the last two weeks of August, with a slight lull the last two weeks of July. Summer temperatures range from cool to moderate at night, and moderate to warm during the day. Warming showers can occur for brief periods in mid-afternoon, so an inexpensive poncho is a good take-along.

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Gatlinburg Weather in Autumn - Fall Foliage: September:  80º, 68º; October: 69º, 56º; November: 59º, 46º

September is one of our favorite months in Gatlinburg TN, for the pace slows a bit between the summer throngs and those of October leaf season. The days after Labor day are still warm enough for wearing shorts for a few weeks, but be sure to bring a jacket and some long-sleeved apparel for those mountain eves.
All Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge attractions are still open, so it's a wonderful time to "do" the Smokies. The days are  warm enough to hike and mountain bike comfortably...and, since the traffic is lessened at Cade's Cove from summer levels, it's perfect for a memorable bike ride around the unspoiled natural loop (although the Cove is closed to motor traffic early Saturday mornings all year, just for bikers to enjoy).
Then, if you've never seen the color of the Smokies in October, you have no idea what you're missing! Nature paints the landscape with a vivid palette that you simply must experience at least once, although tens of thousands of folks come for it year after year. October is one of the busiest months in Gatlinburg, particularly as the leaves start to peak over the middle-to-end of the month. If you are planing to visit the Smokies and stay in Gatlinburg cabin or chalet in October - book it in advance! The colors usually are at top peak the 3rd week of October, but this can vary by 10 days either way. Many folks find that they can still enjoy some foliage color the 1st week in November almost any year, and once in a while the color peak will come that late!
Later in November comes Thanksgiving, which is again sold out quite some time in advance (particularly the larger cabin rentals, which often sell a year or more ahead of time at a 5-7-night minimum). Smaller cabin rentals carry a 4-night minimum for Thanksgiving weekend, and speaking of carrying ... along with your flannels, jackets, and coats, be sure to bring some lighter wear along also, for it's not that uncommon for the occasional day to reach the high 70's (ahhhh!).

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Gatlinburg Weather in Winter:  December: 49º, 38º; January: 45º, 34º; February: 50º, 38º

Folks who have never been in Gatlinburg Tennessee seem to think that Smoky Mountains equal serious snowfall for several months in fall and winter. That is partially true, for the higher elevations (such as atop Mt. LeConte), but we can enjoy the sight of snow-covered mountains from several thousand feet below, while driving around just fine, thank you. Winter in the Smoky Mountains varies more than in most areas…one day might be 70 degrees and sunny, while the next will bring 20 degrees and snow. As the old saying goes, if you don't like the weather, just wait a day or so, and it'll change!
This changeability of course makes it challenging for skiiers, but the temperature drops and precipitation increases with elevation. While the valleys can be 50F degrees with showers, there may be 6 inches of snow at Newfound Gap. Besides, the folks at Ober Gatlinburg keep the snow-making machines running overtime when they need to. And, when Ski Mountain's roads are iced up, you can always catch the Ober Gatlinburg aerial tram from downtown Gatlinburg.
And, if you're not a skier, there are still plenty of reasons to come during the winter months…virtually all attractions (except Dollywood), music theaters, shops, and outlet malls are open year-round! If that's not enough to get you excited about a wintertime trip to the mountains, we throw a Winterfest from mid-November through the end of Febuary featuring tens of thousands of lights and animated light displays that you'll have to see to believe. It's a great time to come, avoid the summer crowds, and cozy up to an evening fire in your cabin's fireplace after a day full of activities - or a day full of doing nothing!

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Gatlinburg Weather in Spring:   March: 60º, 47º; April: 69º, 55º; May: 77º, 64º

The greening of the Smoky Mountains in the spring is truly inspirational - its wide palette of color and the ever-returning sense of "being alive" brought by the earth's annual renewal. Bring both short - and long-sleeved clothes, a jacket for the toasty days and cool nights. The Great Smoky Mountain National Park is resplendent with sights and smells of different types of flora and fauna; and the wildlife rouses from another winter's "nap".  Native daughter Dolly Parton comes to Pigeon Forge in April for a parade celebrating the annual opening of Dollywood for the season.
Many folks are eager to get out and enjoy life after being cooped up all winter, and a getaway stay in a private chalet or log cabin gives a whole new meaning for the term "cabin fever"!

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