Shiatsu in Gatlinburg, TN

Price: $120.00
Call to Order: 1-866-482-1044 ext.2850
  • 1 1/2 hours $120.00
  • #2Soft lights and Music
  • #3Points on your Face, Head, Back, Arms, Legs and Feet

Shiatsu literally translated as "finger pressure" is a Japanese form of bodywork that encourages ones body to gently "self heal" while promoting better health by balancing the flow of energy in the body. By setting a relaxing mood with soft lights and music, the session begins with a series of brief stretches under the guidance of the therapist to quietly loosen the joints and help one to be come "centered". While laying on a comfortable mat, wearing "sweats" or other loose fitting clothes, one recently remarked that "I felt pleasantly warm with a sense of floating as gentle finger pressure moved along my body's energy zones."

Points on the face, head, back, arms, legs and feet receive a pressure that can only be described as "a touch that begins softly enough for the surrounding tissue to melt away as the firmness of the pressure slowly increases and then releases".

Passive stretches by the therapist during your session may leave you feeling calm, pampered and at ease. After the session, many will want to nap or maintain this feeling of tranquility, which is wonderful as the therapist quietly leaves you to relax in the comfort and privacy of your own Gatlinburg cabin rental.

This hour and a half session for only $115 is recommended for those who are serious about coming to the Smokies to relax and have the desire to devote the time to improving the fine art of being "lazy without a purpose".

In fact, you may want to arrange for a snack tray or other "nourishment" to be included and delivered making this truly a "Gatlinburg getaway experience".

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