Hot Stone Therapy in Gatlinburg, TN

Price: $145.00
Call to Order: 1-866-482-1044 ext.2850
  • 1 1/2 hours $145.00
  • #2Black Basalt Stones glide over the Body with the help of essential Oils

This amazing new unique healing modality called Hot Stone Relaxation Therapy, uses hot black basalt stones combining with Universal Energy. You will absolutely love this beautiful technique that will send you to "heaven and back".... Black basalt stones glide over the body with the help of essential oils; the warmth from the stones relaxes and soothes all the muscles and gently melts away the knots and stresses from your body.

Beneficial to Life offers two distinct sessions to better meet your goals. The popular hour and a half of Hot Stone Combo Swedish Massage session which is designed to relax and melt away life's daily stresses is still available for $135.

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