Snowbirds - Welcome to Gatlinburg Tennessee, USA!

While Florida state is the number one snowbird destination, consider Gatlinburg, Tennessee for your own snowbird nest. Or just drop by for a visit while you migrate. We have LOTS of reasons for you to come.

What Is A Snowbird?

Info Migratory birds (in other words birds with common sense!) flee the cold, harsh winters of the north for the warm weather of the south. Like these smart birds, "snowbirds" refer to the huge population of people that spend their winters in the south, and summers in the north. And who can blame them? They avoid the dreary gray days, biting winds, filthy slush, and back breaking shoveling and opt instead for green gardens, sandy beaches, and balmy winds. Of course, there is also a reverse migration in the hot, summer months, when people flee the south to the more temperate climates to the north. Many of these so-called snowbirds eventually tire of the annual migration, and become "half-backs," settling permanently in the middle in states like Tennessee, with its year-round temperate conditions.

Migration Considerations

There are obviously many states and cities to which snowbirds may migrate. If you are contemplating this lifestyle, here are some factors to consider.

Gatlinburg Weather Of course, average temperature is THE number one reason anyone decides to migrate during the seasons. But aside from the temperature, you should consider whether you'd like to be on the beaches or the in the desert. Do you prefer dry or rainy? Are you concerned about hurricanes, tornados, or earthquakes? Do you like the feel of being out in the woods, or up in the mountains? Remember, every area has its positive attributes and its drawbacks.

Gatlinburg things to do What do you like to do? Would you like to spend your free time fishing, boating or golfing? Maybe you are an outdoor lover, and like hiking, biking, or taking long walks? Perhaps you prefer shopping and antiquing. Do you want to become involved in the community by volunteering or attending social functions? Is your goal to find a peaceful place to relax, or be near a city with lots of things to do? This issue is critical in the migration location process.
What will you want to do while during your migration? See movies, go to restaurants? Explore historical landmarks, visit national parks? Enjoy theme parks, or find treasures at flea markets? Again, before you choose a migration destination, you'll want to consider these issues to ensure a happy stay.

Gatlinburg Services Finally, for many people, especially those at retirement age, the proximity of health care facilities can be an important factor. Make sure that you learn about an area's services before you commit to migrating there. Other services of importance to you may be churches and financial services. Snowbirds need to take time to figure out what is truly important to them-what will truly make them happy-before they pick a place to land.

Why Gatlinburg, Tennessee?



Gatlinburg, TN Weather

Our weather is delightfully temperate year-round, whether you are escaping the summer heat or fleeing the winter cold. Here are the monthly average highs and lows you can expect in Gatlinburg, TN. Come experience mild winters, real springs with wildflowers, bearable summers, and beautiful fall colors. You can't go wrong in any season.

January: 45º, 34º May: 77º, 64º September: 80º, 68º
February: 50º, 38º June: 84º, 71º October: 69º, 56º
March: 60º, 47º July: 86º, 75º November: 59º, 46º
April: 69º, 55º August: 86º, 74º December: 49º, 38º


Easiness to Get To the Cities

Gatlinburg is full of things to do year-round, and is surrounded by the nation's most popular national park. Many of its visitors come annually. While staying in Gatlinburg, you'll be nestled in the Great Smoky Mountains, where great views abound. Nearby is the family-oriented city of Pigeon Forge. This city of filled with amusement parks like Dollywood - the Great Smoky Mountain's family fun vacation adventure with great shows, thrilling roller coasters, festivals, and kiddie rides, shopping and restaurants. Sevierville is another neighboring city, featuring shopping, and live shows. You'll never be bored with a visit or move to Gatlinburg. Gatlinburg is within a day's drive of half the country's population. So, it's easy to get to! We're on the way to and from everywhere!

Gatlinburg Attractions

Gatlinburg Attractions

There is so much to see in Gatlinburg, it would take too much space to list them! Here are a few of our favorites that you'll be sure to enjoy. The Great Smoky Arts & Crafts Community features over 60 artisans in an 8 mile loop away from the hustle and bustle of downtown. Arrowmont is a world-renowned art facility which offers classes year-round. The Great Smoky Mountains National Park borders the city of Gatlinburg, and there are endless hikes, and classes which you may take advantage of Ripley's Aquarium of the Smokies, Ober Gatlinburg, Christus Gardens, and Smoky Mountain Winery are all fun places to explore. Finally, you'll enjoy shopping in Gatlinburg, whether you're looking for unique handmade crafts or specialty shops.


Outdoor Activities

Gatlinburg plans many Special Events throughout the year for the enjoyment of both its residents and visitors. A few of the larger events include the Wildflower Pilgrimage, Scottish Festival & Games, 4th of July Parade, Christmas Parade, Chili Cook-off, Rib Fest, Arts & Crafts Shows, Festival of Trees, plus the New Year's Eve Ball Drop & Fireworks Show. In addition to these special events, you can enjoy golfing and fishing nearly every day, if you're motivated, in Gatlinburg Tennessee.


Local Services

Worried about medical care if you visit or move here? We have a regional hospital in the city of Sevierville called Fort Sanders Sevier Medical Center. This facility can handle most medical situations. For extreme emergencies, the county also can airlift via helicopter to one of the numerous hospitals in Knoxville. If you are a church-goer, have no fear! Gatlinburg offers churches galore! What else can you expect to find? Banks, real estate agents, insurance professionals, and pharmacies are located throughout the city. And, Gatlinburg is home to many restaurants, from fine dining to casual, offering a variety of meal options for all taste buds.

Make Gatlinburg Your Destination

Would you like to find your own "nest" here in Gatlinburg? View daily updated extensive listings at You might keep this place all to yourselves, or like other snowbirds, you may choose to put it on a rental program while you're not in town. Mountain Rentals of Gatlinburg is a Property Management Company that can help you care for your home while you're out of town, plus earn you income while you aren't using it.

Visit Gatlinburg While Migrating

So you've decided to "land" somewhere else for a few months. As you're traveling, why not stay in Gatlinburg for a while! Mountain Rentals of Gatlinburg has over 280 vacation homes from which to choose. Search online through all of our charming Gatlinburg chalets  and cabins; take virtual cabin tours and choose one that’s best for you. Quick and easy online booking will start your Gatlinburg vacation now!

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