Gatlinburg Weddings in Gatlinburg, TN

The Smoky Mountains are host to tens of thousands of Gatlinburg weddings each year, and it's easy to see why ... the mountains just seem to bring out the romantic in us all, and of course they provide a picture-perfect backdrop free of charge with cheap outdoor wedding ideas! And, although there are many Gatlinburg wedding chapels in TN to choose from, that "perfect backdrop" is why we at Mountain Rentals of Gatlinburg have chosen to a offer wedding packages from Smokey Mountain!

You can have a large wedding in a beautiful chapel, but we are still offering a romantic Gatlinburg wedding in your cabin, chalet or in the Great Smoky Mountains because we also think that there's not many things more romantic than an intimate ceremony, with just the two of you and a minister, with nature as your witness. Or, if you like, you can bring friends and family to share the occasion. Be sure to compare our various wedding packages and outdoor wedding ideas.

The Smoky Mountains offer one of the most romantic settings to begin your life's journey with the one you love.

Many have found that the mountains hold endless opportunities to have their dream wedding and honeymoon all in one magnificent region surrounded by beauty and solitude. Yet entertainment and excitement can be right outside of your door for those that would enjoy a more action packed experience. The Smoky Mountains prove to be the perfect place to start your lives together.

Gatlinburg has long been the destination for people with weddings plans. Often called the wedding capital of the South, it is estimated that over 500,000 people a year come to the Great Smoky Mountains to either attend a wedding of a loved one or tie the knot with their true love. Along with the natural beauty, the simplicity of Getting Married in Tennessee has also been a primary reason that many choose this destination.

The affordability of a memorable wedding is often the most attractive feature for couples ready to take the plunge. A couple will often have to manage few, if any of the tedious tasks required in planning a wedding with our Wedding Consultant available. Once you have decided on the wedding of your dreams, just sit back and enjoy your day with loved ones surrounding you amidst one of the most vivid backdrops of nature imaginable.

Beyond getting married, countless accommodations await you to fulfill all of your honeymoon needs. Whether you're interested in a rustic cabin with spectacular views or a convenient yet secluded chalet, you will find what you are looking for here. Relax and enjoy the many amenities.

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